I’ve been thinking of starting a mini-blog for a while now so decided to do it. I say mini-blog as I want it to be more of a diary, with a few tips and hints as to how I make my life easier!

I’m Ruth aka Ruthless Doom aka Doom. I play Roller Derby for Auckland’s Pirate City Rollers (currently taking a break but more on this another time) hence the name.

A few more bits and pieces:

  • I’m 26
  • Born and raised in West Yorkshire, England
  • Living in Auckland, New Zealand
  • I’m qualified and work in Events for Auckland City – more specifically Major Events (Cultural Festivals, Sporting Events/Tournaments and other bits). I LOVE my job and will probably talk much more about it in this blog.
  • I play the derby (as mentioned)
  • I love Rockabilly/Pin Up style and try to dress like this as often as possible! I’m very much a beginner so look forward to sharing what I learn through here.
  • My Fiance and I try to go on at least one big trip per year to the opposite side of the planet and back.
  • I love heavy/death/black/thrash/DOOM/power metal. Hence the derby name and blog look ❤
  • After mostly hating myself in my teens and having some struggles in my early 20’s, I’ve decided now that I’ve settled into life that I should look after myself. As well as the derbs, I gym often and am currently on Weight Watchers. I will try not to post too much about this as I don’t really want a health/fitness blog but I might do a week in review or something.

Happy reading, I’m looking forward to getting to know you, too!



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